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About Me

Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the intertubes, I assume you're here because you're looking to hire a super passionate, and dare I say talented, web developer. In which case, I'd better tell you a little more about myself.

As my snazzy little intro should have explained, my name is Dean Elliott and I'm freelance web developer, based in Sheffield (Via York), specialising in Wordpress.

I'm available to hire right now on a per project, part time and/or full time basis and I can guarantee that no matter what your Wordpress related issue I'll identify it, lock on to it, and smash it right out of the metaphorical park.

Avert your eyes

Warning: graphic content Avert your eyes

  • Experience: 9+ years
  • Speciality: Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, WooCommerce, jQuery
  • Can I expect LESS from you? No. But you can expect a whole lot of SASS. (Translation: I use SASS, not LESS when it comes to pre-processing)
  • Development passion level: Overdrive
  • Tea? Strong, no sugars.

Now hopefully such a wealth of experience (and my clearly superior tea taking preference) will be enough to persuade you to hire me, but in case you need a little more, please feel free to check out some of my previous clients and a small selection of my past work below.

Some of the amazing clients I've had the pleasure of working with over the past 9 years

Cups of tea I drink on a daily basis 11
Clients I've worked with over the past 9 years 62
Times I've got finger cramp from writing so much code 30+
Complaints about my work from previous clients 0

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Contact Me

So you've made it this far! Now hopefully you're seconds away from sending me that first, fantastic, email that will set us off on the road to professional harmony. But before you do, please take a couple of seconds to read through a few preferences I have when it comes to emails. It'll make the whole business easier all round.

  • It'll save us both a lot of time if you can be as specific as possible about your project needs in your initial email. Design or development (or both)? Available budgets. Special features (Ecommerce, user login, etc.) Anything important.
  • As much as I'd perhaps like to, I'm unable to team up with you on the promise of a 50% cut of your companies profits. Paid work only please.
  • I request a deposit (Usually 50% of the total fee, or 33% if the cost of the project exceeds £1500) from ALL clients before I undertake any work, so please bear that in mind when you contact me.
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